Living in a multicultureal/multiracial community

06/08/2018 |

Living in a community where there are people of various reaces could be a rewarding and an exciting experience. Such a community is like a small world with many types and races of people in it. Everyone, young or old, enjoys listening to stories about people in other lands. We read books and newspapers to lean about the habits, customs and beliefs of people who do not belong to our race.

When we live in a community composed of many races, we have the opportunity to meet and talk with people or various races. We can learn about their customs and beliefs directly from them. In this way, we have a better understanding of their ways of life. For example, in Singarpore and Malaysia, which are known as multi-racial countries, Malays, indians and others have lived together for seral decades. They have learned a lot about the cultures of one anther, more than what they could tlearn by reading books or watching TV. By living together, they also absorbed many habits of one another to their common benefit.

Further, living in a multi-racial community teaches us how to respect the views and beliefs of people of others races. We learn to be tolearant and to undestand and appreciate the peculiarities of those who are not of our race. In this way, We learn to live in peace and harmony with foreigners whose way of life are different from ours in several aspects. We become less susicious of strangers and foreigners.

The relationship that develops among the people from common undestanding in a multi-cultureal community makes life in such a community very exciting. Any celebration of any race becomes a celebration of all the other races. Thus, there is a lot of fun and excitement during every celbration. Inthis way, better understading is promoted among peoples of the world. Through each of the races of the people in a multi-racial community, we come to know about their respective countries. For example, through the Inddians in Malaysia or Singapore, we can know much about India. As a result, we have a better understading of peoples of India as a whole. It could, therefore, be said that life in a muti-cultureal community teaches us many useful lessons in human relations.  


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