My hobby

12/09/2018 |

To have a hobby is know how to spend one’s leisure(adj) moments(n). A hobby, besides providing a form of entertainment to escape from boredom, can also add to one’s knowledge of human affairs(n). My hobby is reading.

When my day’s work is over. I sit down in the privacy(n) of my room and read newspaper. Reading newspaper is like travelling around the world. As I read about the developments in the various parts of the world. I feel that i am there myself observing(gerund) the incidents(n). I also feel that I am having contacts with many leaders and people of the world. This feeling is a source of leasure to me.

By reading newspaper, i have acquired a better knowledge of the world. I am aware of what scientists(n) , economists(n) and politicians(n) are doing to make this world a better or worse place to live in. At the same time, i am also aware of the activities of those people who are trying to create chaos(n) in the world.

After reading newspaper, i take a book which requires deep concentration(n) such as a history book or a book on psychology(n). Sometimes i read a novel(n) or a popular magazine(n). Through this hobby, I have learned that people everywhere are the same, in all ages, and in all countries. I have also learned that the world was made not for men alone but for every creature that can feel hunger and thirst, warm and cold. It also helps me to see not only the most remote regions of the world today but also in the world which our ancestors(n) lived.

My hobby has deepened, and widened my knowledge in the universe. Reading, i think, has made men more human, broad-minded(adj), sympathetic(adj). It has brought me into contact with many great minds (n) and an access(n) with the beauty of language and ideas. It has also improved my power of expression(n). I have little difficulty in expressing my thoughts and feelings. Therefore, i could say that my hobby has made me a better person.


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