Is travel good for every one?

06/08/2018 |

Travel expands/broddens the mind and is an essential part of a person’s education we hear this being expounded by educationists everywhere in the world. Why is it not enough for us to become comfortable in our homes surrounded by our loved ones? Don’t we know enough about other societies from TV and from books? So why spend money and go and see other countries?

The point here is that we do not necessarily go and see other countries though it is true that the sense of sight is the sense we use the most when we travel. If all we do is se things in a cocuntry, then we might as well watch TV. The idea is that we should experience how people in  other parts of the world live.

Going to a country poorer than our own one will make us apprecuate ours better going to a country which is more advanced than our own one will give us some ideas of how we can copy from them and perhaps improve our own lives. Lessons for life can crop up in the most unexpected of places.

A friend of mine used to travel to a backwrd nation and come back with a valuable lesson for himself and for others. He saw an old man fishing in a river. Having caught a lot of fish, the man just selected seven fish and threw the rest back to the rivers. My astounded friend asked him why he did that. Grandpa explained that there were only seven members in his family and why catch a lot of fish?  One fist per person would be enough. My friend learned a valuable lesson in loing the environment that day. Lessons like this cannot be learned from watching TV.

We travel to experience the world and to live for a while with our loves in happiness. This makes us appreciate the world better and it is good to broaden knowledge.


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