Some tips for improving reading and writing

06/08/2018 |

Reading improves writing, writing improves reading. Try to read and write in English every day for information and for fun. Write notes  to family members, friends and other who are learing english. If you are employed, write notes to others at work. You are able to send them emails. If your cellphone has this feature, you can send them text messages. What do you find at work to read? For example, are there notes, posters or emails from co-workers or your supervisor or from customers and so on? Are there manuals, reference guides, bulletins, or written performance evaluations read as much as you can at work, even if you don’t understand all the words.

When reading, for example in the sentences above, you may need to learn the meaning of the word or phrase such as “text messages”, “posters”, “co-workers”, “manuals”, “bulletins” or “performance evaluation”. The more words you understand, the better you will be able to read. A dictionary or a free online dictionary can help you find the meaning of words that are new to you.

Try to figure out the meaning of new word from the words around it, from the context. Even if you are not always correct, it is good to practise thinking about what a new word might mean.

Keep a list of new words, their definitions, and a sentence for each word that shows how to properly use it. You can keep this vocabulary list in a little notebook which you always have with you or as a vocabulary list on your cellphone or computer. When writing, you may need to use a word you don’t know yet or are not sure. Sometimes a computer or cellphone can help you find it. You can type in a description of the word in google or in another search engine, and you may find the word you are looking for check its meaning with a dictionary. If you don’t make sure.

Get in touch with your family, friends and for education and work-related purposes.


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