The air we breathe

06/08/2018 |

It is known that no living thing will last more than a few minites if it does not breathe in air of fall the elements in the world that a living thing needs, air is the most important. How terrible is it then that we do so much harm to the air and to ourselves by polluting the arir we breathe?

In early times when a man was dependent on the ground for a living, when farming was the main occcupation for the majority of people all over the world, there was a healthy exchange between plants and animals plants breathe out exygen that we breathe in, and we breathe out cardbon dioxide which plants breathe in. This muteal exchange had been going on since creation. Then men started to destroy trees. Everywhere forests were destroyed in order to plant more crops, at first, and later on for more industries. It is the reason that coused so much damage. With less plants in the world to provide is with exy gen, the air became less clean.

In addition, the toxic gasses realeased through our industries and mechanical vehicles polluted the air and destroyed plants and animals. This causeed a lot of imbalance in the ecology . It is clear that something has to be done to balance nature again. Men must become more responsible. The wasting of nature must be stooped. In fact, we can live without various comfort that destroy the air, but we cannot live without air. Surely we can live without so many vehicles. The growth of vehicle in the world is very fast indeed. Pollation forms are demolishing the atmosphere and few of us seem to care.

We really hope that the whole world will realize soon by destroying the air we breathe means we destroy ourselves.


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