What people do to stay health

06/08/2018 |

As a result of various health education campaigns in many countries, most of us have become aware that if we want to lead a  health and active life, we have to take care of our health from an early stage. How can we do it?

The first thing to do is to get rid of any health – damaging habits from our lives. Thus, smokes have to give up smoking because this is known to cause respiratory problems and in extreme cases, lung cancer. Giving up smoking can also imsrove the health of non-smokers who are regularly affected when people are smoking because the dangers of passive smoking are now widely known.

Like wise, people who known that they usually drink to much should make a serious attempt to cut down on the amount of alcohol they drink. Health experts have issued guidelines based on the kinds of alclhol that are safe to drink per week. It is not only people who have been  diagnosed as being alcholecs who are in ddanger of causing damage to their health as a result of heavy drinking. People who indulge in binge drinking are also at risk.

Smoking and excessive drinking are obviously things that should be given up, in the interst of health, but this is negative advice. There is also a positive aspect to become health. Health experts encourage us to take regular exercise in the interst of our health. But many people do not regularly take part in any particular from of physical exrcise. However, we can think about a few simple measures which do not interfere too much with our way of life. For example, we can walk short distances instead of riding a motorbike, and we can walk or run upstairs instead of taking the lift.

Personally, I try to stay healthy by having appropriate diet. I am a freat believer in the sayiung that “you are what you eat”. That does not mean that I am a fussy eater or have fad diets. Most of these are very bad for our health. Principally, I try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. This is not very difficul because I also like them. It is a well known fact that fruits and vegetables are very nutritious and are thought to protect people against cancer.

Sometimes people get ill, however careful they are of their health. Nevertheless, we can do all in our abilities to make sure that we remain as healthy as possible.


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