Why do students choose to study abroad?

06/08/2018 |

Nowadays many students choose to visit other countries during a period of time. Some students however, choose to spend some time studying in other countries. It is more common for university students to do this, but some students choose to study a broad when they are still at home. Sometime they do so as part of a student exchange scheme.

Such a scheme is often organized by the student’s chool. Several schools have an arrangement with a school in another country by which some of their students go to and study in that country and students from that country come to live and study here. The students usually live with each other’s parents and go to each other’s schools.

This scheme is very popular, some school students are eager to take part in such a scheme to improve their language skills. Obviously they would already have spent quite some time studying the language of the country with which the exchange has been arranged the exchange presents them with an ideal opportunity to practise their spoken language skills with native speakers of that language there is no better way to lean a language.

School exchange scheme usually quite short in duration. They last a month and some last only a week. It is thus not a big commitment in terms of times. Some students who are not especially interested in or gifted in languages, simply to get experience of a different culture or of different people. Some school students decide to study overseas, they usually do so as an integral part of their course. Indeed some universities insist that students studying a foreign language spend a year studying or working in the country where that language is spoken, usually in the second or third year of their course.

University students who study in a foreign country usually spend a year in that country, its people and its way of life. Occasionally they choose not only to study, but also to spend part of their time working, thereby gaining valuable work experience.

Not all university students who study abroad are language students. Sometimes they are students of another discipline who simply admire the culture of the country and who want to know more about it. They fool that, the country in question may provide a better standard of education in their chosen area of study than their own country can.

Whatever the reasons for their decision, it is an extremely good idea for students to study overseas. At the very least, they stand to gain a lot from the experience. On a grander scale, students studying abroad can improve international relations.


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